Here is an awesome playlist of songs from the whole bird crew! 
Enjoy, Wizardsmoke

Check out the new ஃG•H•Oஃ song, waikiki এই এক এরিয়েল জন্য (phone)

Here’s the new ஃG•H•Oஃ song, {this one’s for Ariel} এই এক এরিয়েল জন্য (phone)

Here’s the new Crane song, Frequency

Here’s the debut beat by The Crane, titled Capture

Check out the new Oriole song, And I miss home

Get ready for the onslaught of beats coming tonight starting at 7pm

Here’s the new joint from Ikari Fisher, Kanji (私は魚です)

You’re welcome

Here’s the new ஃG•H•Oஃ cut, Metal Damage

Check out this new jam from ஃG•H•Oஃ titled, ஃG•H•Oஃ (Kubrick) [prod. by Ikari Fisher]